Police concentrate operation in Tower District making the streets safer for citizens

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A recent saturation of officers is improving the crime problem in the neighborhood. (KFSN)

Fresno's Tower District has been a target of gangs and other crooks recently. A recent saturation of officers is improving the crime problem in the neighborhood.

After weeks of concentrated operations and patrols the streets lining Tower District are much safer than one month ago.

"There has definitely been, just a change in the atmosphere," said Mark Deraud, owner of coffee shop.

Since crime numbers increased Sgt. Robert Gonzales has made the area along Olive Avenue his second home.

"By doing these types of operations and have all the criminals type, their heads on a swivel, always looking around."

Those undercover activities are already paying off. In the past 28 days, there have been no reported robberies or auto thefts. The number of vehicle burglaries also down by 50-percent.

"You have people coming into an area late at night or during different venues, so it brings in more people. The criminals know that. So when there's more cars ect., there more opportunity," said Gonzales.

Deraud understands that heartbreak all too well. He owns a local coffee shop that was broken into four times.

"They are really protecting this neighborhood, but they've got other neighborhoods equally important. So they got spread pretty thin, so we appreciate their effort."

As a result of Wednesday's operation, officers made six arrests. Three of the suspects were gang members and several had probation violations.

Unlike previous attempts to eradicate crime here officers said they aren't going away just because crime statistics improve.

"We do it random times, random hours, random days," said Sgt. Joe Martin, Fresno Police Department.

Hoping to catch criminals off guard.

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