True Grit

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Tap into your mental toughness. (KFSN)

Tap into your mental toughness. Channel your strength and energy and take on every task.

I have always said fitness is from the chin up. You have tenacity and stamina to work hard and pursue your goals despite all obstacles or setbacks. Talent and skills are important for getting ahead but true grit is actually the biggest key to being successful.

With injury or illness, it can get you in a bad place. Depression can be reduced with exercise. There has been study after study showing how important exercise is to improve your mental well-being.

Fitness has to always be at your level and your capability. I talk about consistency every day because it is the main tool in life to move forward and to heal.

I teach a chemo class for survivors every week and talk about tenacity and true fight- they are the real deal. To get healthier you have to put one foot in front of the other and only look forward.

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