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Heatwave causing problem for Valley commuters

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With this Valley heat wave more than our bodies can feel their effects, our cars can also suffer in the heat. (KFSN)

With this Valley heat wave more than our bodies can feel their effects, our cars can also suffer in the heat.

The Auto Shop in Visalia sees an influx of customers looking to get their car's air conditioning fixed, or whose cars have overheated.

"A lot of these cars are on the side of the road and 80-percent of them I would say is, the reason, because that they didn't take care of the cooling system," said Jim Barlogio, The Auto Shop Owner.

That's why Barlogio tells his customers to consider changing their car's cooling hoses and belts every few years. It may be expensive, but Barlogio said it could save you thousands of dollars if your engine fails later.

Also, check your battery, and watch when you use your AC because it increases the temperature of the engine and makes everything work harder. But Barlogio said the biggest mistake people make during the summer is waiting until the last minute to get things checked out because repairs take time.

"So give yourself a couple weeks and maybe even six months if you know you're going on a trip because sometimes there may be two or three things that are needed. If you need cooling hoses and a timing belt, that can get fairly expensive."

He also advises drivers to have some sort of roadside assistance for peace of mind.

"You know, 105 degrees out there, and waiting for somebody to pick you up and stuff like that," said Barlogio.

That's where Cesare's Repair and Towing comes to the rescue. Chances are that if you call them, lead tow truck driver Joey McManus is coming to help you.

"We're like dentists of the road. Nobody really wants to see us, we're just a necessary evil."

Recently, McManus responded to 19 calls in a 12-hour period-- a company record. A majority were tows, and he said, at least half a dozen people were stranded on the side of the road.

McManus said, "It was just a really hot day, a lot of radiator problems, lot of battery issues, so people just getting stranded and driving down the road."

Not only does McManus drink a lot of water while on the job, he'll offer it to anyone who needs it.

"We try to be that one good thing that starts happening. The first thing, like, hey, what do you need, where do you need to go, let's see if we can help you out."

Because to him, a tow is just a tow, but service with a smile, it may just take off some of the heat.

McManus said if you're stuck waiting for a tow, try and stay in your car. If you can't, go find a coffee shop or at least some shade while you wait.

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