Home invasion in Northeast Fresno ends with woman being hit by car

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A Northeast Fresno woman is still shaken up after three men broke into her parents' home while she was inside. (KFSN)

A Northeast Fresno woman is still shaken up after three men broke into her parents' home while she was inside.

The woman said a simple run to her parents home changed drastically after she walked down the hallway and heard someone knocking on the front door.

"I just came over to check on my mom's dog and give him his pill, make sure he was ok and let him out," she said. "I wasn't expecting anybody."

The mother of two doesn't want to be identified but said she rushed to the window.

"Before I could even get a good glimpse of who it was, I just heard a big boom and the door just smashed open."

She said chills rushed through her body and the first thing that came to mind was to hide.

"I could just see the shadows of them coming in and I just jumped over from behind the chair."

The three burglars who broke through the front door ransacked the home. Even ripping a TV out from an entertainment system. Little did they know, the owner's daughter was inside and on the phone with police.

"I called 911 and was very quiet and gave them a small description of what I could see."

After about five minutes the thieves were leaving.

"I heard them say something like, 'can you get this TV out' so I was like, okay, they're leaving, they're gone."

That's when the woman decided to confront them.

"I just jumped from behind the chair and ran out after them trying to get my phone out and yelled at them, 'I called the cops they're coming'."

Startled, she said, the men dropped the TV and jumped into the car to take off.

"When I got my phone ready to take a picture they reversed and hit me."

Leaving her with a scratched elbow and bruised foot. But when the car took off it left without one of the alleged thieves in it-- 18-year-old Adrian Echeverria. Fresno police found him on Cedar Avenue and arrested him with some of the stolen jewelry on him.

Police are still looking for the two other suspects. Authorities also believe they may be linked to another burglary north of Fallbrook earlier Thursday.

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