Major project to revive Fresno's green spaces underway

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The city is planning to pump millions of gallons of recycled wastewater into city parks. (KFSN)

The city is planning to pump millions of gallons of recycled wastewater into city parks. The drought and state mandated watering restrictions took a toll on city parks.

"I think it would be a lot nicer if it was watered more so there would be more places for everybody to sit," said Amy Weems, park visitor.

The lush green should return once the park gets's its new water supply.

"We call it one of our cornerstone users, Roeding Park, because they will use a million gallons a day probably," said Kevin Norgaard, supervising engineer.

All that water will come from the city's wastewater treatment plant. New high-tech filtering cleaning equipment is already processing five million gallons a day, and the pipeline to Roeding Park will start deliveries in the coming months. The water will be safe, and pretty clean.

"It's approved for everything but consumption-- you can even swim in it if you wanted to," said Norgaard.

The more than $50 million project will eventually include Woodward Park in North Fresno, along with cemeteries, golf courses, and schools throughout the city.

Fresno's wastewater treatment plant currently receives 60 million gallons of wastewater every day. The goal is to make 30 million gallons clean enough for lawns and trees, so things will stay green, even through a long dry spell.

"This is all anticipating the next drought. It's going to happen and we are preparing for it long term," said Norgaard.

The city's already using recycled water from a small treatment plant on Copper Avenue to water the Copper River Country Club. The city of Clovis is irrigating many parks, and green spaces with recycled water.

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