Students on edge after Fresno State student held up by robbers near campus

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Robbers hold up a Fresno State student late Wednesday night while walking home to his apartment. (KFSN)

Robbers hold up a Fresno State student late Wednesday night while walking home to his apartment. The crime has other students on edge during the first week of classes.

"Within a few seconds I gave them everything, you know. Because life is everything," said the victim.

The grad student said he was walking home from a friends house when he was confronted by two men who made sudden movements towards him on Maple and Sierra Madre Avenue.

"I started moving a bit faster and when I looked they were coming at my back."

Before he knew it, the men had cornered him in front of his apartment complex near Fresno State.

"They came behind me with something sharp on the right side of the west here and they told me if you don't want to get injured just give us what you have."

So he did just that. Handing over his backpack, watch, and wallet. Inside his bag was his laptop and books. All together it was $600 worth of possessions he said he'll likely never get back.

"It was scary, but like many, I believe in God you know."

"He did the right thing-- he didn't resist. When someone has a weapon and want really minor property, give them the property. Don't fight because you end up hurt," said Lt. Joe Gomez, Fresno Police.

The robbery happened just after 10:00 p.m. but by 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning campus police sent out an alert to all students, informing them of what occurred. Tammy Vang said when she saw the message she was shocked.

"I can't believe that happened here because I often take it sometimes late too if I have night classes."

University police are reminding students to not walk alone late at night if they can prevent it, and stay in well-lit areas. They also said officers are always available to escort a student home if they feel unsafe.

Fresno police said detectives are now working to see if there are any surveillance cameras around that can pinpoint exactly who the two suspects are.

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