Neighbors fight to keep violent sexual predator out of Northwest Fresno neighborhood

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Residents in Northwest Fresno said the battle isn't over after a pedophile came close to moving in on their street. (KFSN)

Residents in Northwest Fresno said the battle isn't over after a pedophile came close to moving in on their street. A judge recently approved the conditional release of Jeffrey Snyder, a sexually violent predator convicted of multiple sex crimes.

When news that Snyder, could become a next door neighbor the criticism from families was harsh and the condemnation was swift.

"It's not going to happen," said Rachel Miller, neighbor.

"He can't move in here, there's too many children, too many families," said Delana Prechtl, neighbor.

Snyder has a long rap sheet and has been in and out of prison for the last three decades and he is a diagnosed pedophile. For Prechtyl, the fight to keep him away is deeply personal.

"Because I am the mother of children who have been abused by a man like him."

Assistant District Attorney Steve Wright is familiar with Snyder's history. In 2003, he filed a petition to have Snyder committed as a sexually violent predator at a state hospital. Wright said there is little his office can do now since a judge granted Synder's release and an outside company is responsible for monitoring him.

"I'm hopeful, I'm confident that Liberty Healthcare will do that they can to make sure Snyder doesn't re-offend. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee though."

Liberty Healthcare told the DA's office it's supervision has worked. Of the 14 sexually violent predators currently on conditional release, none have committed a new victim offense.

"I don't believe that you can just take a couple of courses from a book, talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist a few hours a week and be cured," said Prechtyl.

The home along La Paz Avenue is no longer a possible choice, but families said it should never have been an option. Neighbors spent Wednesday holding a petition drive to make sure this doesn't happen to another community full of kids.

Because Snyder is from Fresno County he must return here. State law does set some guidelines when it comes to finding a home-- it can't be near a school or park.

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