Atwater Police detain armed gang members filming music video

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Police found several known gang members at E.L. Walters Park and they told officers they were making a rap video for their gang but after more searching police found a gun. (KFSN)

In the North Valley, six gang members were detained at an Atwater Park after police found a firearm by a tree.

Police said the suspects told officers they were making a rap video and now authorities are trying to identify who the weapon belonged to.

Neighbors said E.L. Walters Park is generally pretty quiet, it occasionally has kids occupying the playground and several residents live in the area. But Saturday afternoon, Atwater Police said they got a concerned call regarding gang activity in the park.

"They were there in large numbers and they didn't want to go in the park," Sgt. Dick Wisdom with the Atwater Police Department said.

Police found several known gang members at the park who told officers they were making a rap video for their gang but after more searching, police found something else.

"The officers checked the area looking around trees benches and stuff, and they found a firearm by a tree," Wisdom said.

Officers detained six people, five adults and a minor. One of the adults and the minor were brought back to the police station for questioning and then released. One neighbor tells us they've lived by the park for years, and they've never seen any problems at the park. However, others say while something like this happening steps away from their doorstep is unsettling.

"It's dangerous for all the kids that play down there," the neighbor said.

The scene was no surprise to some.

"It used to be a lot, gangs hang out down there after 10 at night," a neighbor said.

Police said they're still looking into who the gun belongs to.

"They took possession of the firearm, got it fingerprinted, photographed collected it as evidence," Wisdom said.

Police did say the gun's serial number was scratched off, indicating it may be stolen.

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