Fresno PD has new operation to catch litterbugs

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You might want to think twice before throwing your trash out the window while driving in Fresno. (KFSN)

You might want to think twice before throwing your trash out the window while driving in Fresno. A new law enforcement operation is cracking down on litterbugs.

"A lot of people will ask us if we have anything better to do, and that's not uncommon when we do operations like this. But this is really about the health of a city," said Captain Andy Hall, Fresno Police Department Traffic Commander.

In an effort to mitigate the amount of trash soiling our freeways, the City of Fresno is beginning a litter enforcement program. Along with the California Highway Patrol, Fresno PD is deploying six motorcycle officers to monitor highways 41, 168, and 180.

"Cal Trans has done a real effort to clean that up, and CHP has been working it as well, and I think the city manager and the mayor's office just wanted to show support and put some skin in the game to keep our freeways clean," said Hall.

Patrols will run from 7:30 in the morning through the afternoon commute. Fines start at just over $100, but something like throwing your cigarette out the window could cost you close to $400.

"That's a pretty significant fine because obviously, we've seen all of the wildfires. We've had a series of fires start along 41 because of a chain dragging-- a little spark can cause a lot of damage," said Hall.

As for any warning, city officials said this is a zero tolerance policy.

"We're not exempt from this the city. If we see our trucks in violation we will be citing them as well," said Hall.

In that case, the driver would be held responsible for the fine because even a little trash can cause a big problem.

"A simple thing like a box that falls out of your pickup bed sitting in a lane can cause a severe collision," said Hall.

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