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46th Annual Clovis-Fresno Y's Men's Elementary Football Carnival continues to make lifetime memories (KFSN)

In sports, traditions can run deep and there's an event that's been going strong for nearly a half century.

If you've grown up in the greater Fresno/Clovis area over the last 50 years, you've probably been a part of it. The Clovis-Fresno Y's Men's Football Carnival comprises all the elementary schools in Clovis Unified.

"It's a great event for the community," Football Carnival Coordinator Jeff Tiftick said. "It's one of the biggest events for elementary athletics. The football carnival football has started off the school year for 46 years."

The carnival is a day-long event full of school pride, from the players on the field to the cheerleaders in the stands.

"It's so exciting for them," Freedom Elementary Spirit Coach Kaley Reynolds said. "They've been talking about it since the very first day of school. They are in their uniforms, their bows and pom poms. We have the parents supporting them and it's just great for our school and community."

"You know what I think the cheerleaders have a better time than the football players," Maple Creek Football Head Coach Scotland McGregor-Moore said. "They are up there constantly cheering and I know the football players love to hear the cheerleaders cheer for them."

The event continues to grow year after year. In the late 90s, it was just at Lamonica Stadium and it has since expanded to Veterans Memorial Stadium. So, now two stadiums creating a lifetime of memories.

"They are wide-eyed when they come up on the stadium grounds and they are being cheered on by their community," coordinator Aaron Cook said. "When they finally get out there and they get that first hit, they realize this is a lot of fun."

"I would say if you want to come out and see elementary kids have some fun running around a football field and truly trying their best to play the game and learn how play as a team and you like to hear cheering," McGregor-Moore said. "You like to hear the crowd noise then come out and watch the carnival because it's about football, fun and family that's what I would say."

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