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For the Herzog family, racing runs deep, three generations of Herzog's are dominating at the Madera Speedway. (KFSN)

For the Herzog family, racing runs deep.

"Richard 70 years old as he's smiling back there, I'm 41 Bryan and my son Austin is 14," said Herzog Motorsports driver Bryan Herzog.

"Richard is kind of the patriarch of the family. He kind of shows the way. Bryan the same way, he got it passed down through his father and now he's passing it down to his son," said pit crew member Tres Cleeland. "Austin has made some big waves this year, he won 3 times this year, I've seen Bryan in victory lane countless times."

Including this past Father's Day when both Austin and his dad Bryan took home the checkered flag on the same night at the Madera Speedway.

"There's no more bigger sense of pride than standing up there and watching a grandson or a son come across the start/finish line in first place," said Herzog Motorsports Owner Richard Herzog.

"It's awesome nothing compares to the checkered flag, all the work paid off in the shop and it just feels awesome," said 14-year-old driver Austin Herzog.

All three drivers credit their pit crew for their success and with so many wins between Richard, Bryan and Austin, a new goal is fueling the family fire.

"I started back in 1991 and there is no way in the world I would have thought 25 years later I would have my son and grandson running. We're building a third car for next year which I hope to run and Austin maybe next year or the year after should be in the same class with my son and I," said Richard Herzog.

The bad news just one checkered flag to go around, the good news with three Herzog's racing, one is likely to end up in victory lane.

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