Experts give some tips on how to prepare your car for the rainy weather

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Downpour in the Valley wreaked havoc on roadways-- just in time for the morning commute. (KFSN)

Downpour in the Valley wreaked havoc on roadways-- just in time for the morning commute.

Puddles of water even attributed to a big rig crash. The driver thankfully unharmed, saying he hydroplaned and tried to correct but couldn't help jack knifing and crashing into the center divider blocking three lanes for almost two hours.

"Westbound State Route 180 and Van Ness in the number 3 lane going about 50 miles per hour," said David Salcido, California Highway Patrol.

By 6:30 a.m. tow truck crews and Caltrans cleared the heavy debris and the truck itself.

The D & R Garage in Downtown Fresno has already seen a rise in weather related incidents.

"We actually have a car that came in last night that hit a puddle and slid right into the median. Their tire rim and hubcap all were damages," said Manuel Garcia, Service Manager.

Garcia said he has seen a surge in brake inspection, new tires, and auto defrost repairs.

As for the item flying off store shelves he said, "Almost every single car that's come in, even if it's a simple repair, have been requesting wipers."

Garcia said it takes a matter of seconds to make sure your tires have enough air and tread to handle the wet weather. To give you an idea of when it is time to get your wheels checked out each tire has a tread depth marker between the groves. If you can run your finger across it might be time to go to the shop.

Experts also say now is the time to check your batteries.

"Sometimes corrosion builds up on the terminals and when it's cold outside it takes away from the energy when you start your battery," said Garcia.

But the best advice they have is to plan ahead.

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