How to kick start your metabolism

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Make the most of your time in the gym. (KFSN)

Move a little every day will rev up your metabolism. You want to push yourself with aerobic activity and get your body sweating and heart rate up. I would try to do aerobic activity at least 30 minutes every day if you want to lose a couple pounds.

The body needs to move to lose fat. You will feel better after a couple days of exercise. The first few days you're body will be sore, keep going and you're body will soon enjoy it.

You are going to have setbacks that is normal just keep going and don't look back. The body will adapt if you need to modify your workout. Try out a couple different exercise machines. I lost 60 plus pounds on a recumbent bike. The machine has to feel comfortable not painful. It will take you about 1 week to start feeling the body get into the routine.

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