Viral video shows Fresno man being knocked out while allegedly trying to return stolen phone

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In the parking lot of a Winco, sometime last summer, Joe Campos lost consciousness with one punch to the jaw. (KFSN)

In the parking lot of a Winco, sometime last summer, Joe Campos lost consciousness with one punch to the jaw.

"I remember waking up to somebody helping me up. I got in my car, sat in my car still dizzy."

Months later the video showing the incident is just making its round on the internet. That's how detectives found suspect Johnny Renteria and arrested him for felony battery.

"I don't know what he was thinking. I don't even know if he knew the truth," said Campos.

The truth, according to Campos, is a phone purchase gone wrong. He said he bought an iPhone off of a man on the street and checked to make sure it wasn't stolen-- which you can do by checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number through an online database.

"I buy iPhones, any kind of phone basically that's decent, fix it, keep it, sell it. Resell it. It's a hobby of mine. He was charging 150. Which I got the phone, checked the IMEI number and it was clear. It was all clear. So I decided to buy it."

But another person in the video said he is not telling the truth. Missy, who does not want us to use her full name, is the suspect's girlfriend. Her phone was stolen from her family yard sale the morning Campos said he bought it.

"He's not a victim. He's not. I think I'm a victim; he stole from me and tried to extort money. I just think that's unfair."

After the phone was stolen missy tracked the phone down using the find My iPhone app.

Campos agreed to meet Missy in exchange for some money-- because he would be at a loss, she says otherwise.

"First he asked for $100, and then he asked for $50. He wanted money for the phone he wasn't just returning it he wanted money."

In the video Campos is seen handing the phone over in what starts as a civil exchange.

"I handed it over to her before any money was involved, she could have done whatever she wanted at that point it was her phone."

Missy said the situation could have been handled differently, like calling the police, but said she still believes Campos is in the wrong.

"I can't speak for Johnny, I just can say this guy is not a good person. He's lying."

Campos said since the video has gone viral he's had several lawyers contact him who are offering their services to sue.

"Yeah, I'm going to pursue it make him hurt a little bit just like he did me."

Campos said he was out of work for at least a month from his injury but says he's doing better physically.

Meanwhile Renteria bailed out after being arrested Tuesday.

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