Your hips don't lie

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Some exercises you can do to strengthen your hips. (KFSN)

Some exercises you can do to strengthen them.

If you want to strengthen the hips and keep them mobile here are three exercises you can do at home or at a gym.

The first exercise, lying to the side clamshell. You want to keep your hip on top of hip and keep them aliened as you move in the exercise. Keep your feet together as you lift your knees up and down. The movement should be slow and controlled do about 5 to 10 reps and about two sets per exercises.

The next exercise is a ball squeeze between knees. The movement is slow and controlled you want to squeeze nice and tight.

The last exercise is a ball lift you want to bring the ball off the floor with bent knee, you want to go slow a bring the ball toward your chest. The motion of each exercise works the hip at different angles.

The important part is to take it at your level and listen to your body.

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