Fresno County GOP leaders say Trump's immigration order a matter of national safety

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Since President Trump issued a travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries, protests have sparked across the country. (KFSN)

Protests about President Donald Trump's immigration executive order have some in the Central Valley speaking out in defense Trump's action.

Two Fresno County Republican Party leaders say they're pro-immigration, but they want it to be a rational process where the government can vet and verify people before they are allowed in.

"It's 90 days," former state GOP treasurer Mike Dermanuel Jr. said. "So, I look at it and I go, 'This is a freak out over nothing.'"

Dermanuel Jr. says the protests igniting across the country condemning Trump's immigration reform are unnecessary. He supports the President's executive order and feels the commander-in-chief is doing what is needed to protect the country.

"He's got to have a comfort level with our security," he said. "Keep in mind, six of seven countries under this travel ban have no functioning central government. They have no security apparatus, and the seventh country is Iran - whose model is, 'Death to America.'"

Dermanuel Jr. says many people are likely unaware that former President Barack Obama picked the countries of concern affected by the executive order.

"So, he's executing an executive order and really implementing an order that is impacting countries selected by his predecessor," he said. "I will venture that none of the protestors know that."

Fred Vanderhoof, chairman of the Fresno County Republican Party, agrees with Dermanuel Jr. He says an improved vetting system is needed.

"Obviously, we are not vetting the guys who came in and flew the airplanes into the towers," he said, referring to the September 11 attacks. "We didn't vet them. We didn't vet well the ones in San Bernardino. We didn't vet well the guy at the club in Florida. So, the question is what is wrong with slowing down and getting a process in place where we vet people?"

Both men say this is all about ensuring the safety of the American people. They hope protestors will look beyond their outrage and see that too.

While there are many Democrats who are working to overturn the ban, like Valley congressman Jim Costa, Rep. Devin Nunes agrees with the ban.

Nunes' office released a statement saying in part, "The Trump administration's executive order on refugees is a common-sense security measure to prevent terror attacks on the homeland."

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