The right way to shed those pounds

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There is a right way to loose weight and a wrong way to lose weight. (KFSN)

There is a right way to loose weight and a wrong way to lose weight.

While losing weight is likely to lead to an overall improvement in one's level of health and fitness, implementing unsafe methods and practices can actually cause adverse effects to your health.

The real goal should be lose inches off your body not lower the weight. The reason for this belief is that muscle, by volume, is more dense than fat. A person would actually weigh more if they replaced the fat on their body with the equivalent volume of muscle.

The right way is to set out to achieve our weight loss goals/inch loss, then incorporate a specific eating program coupled with an exercise regimen. In other word have a game plan for your life's schedule and food preferences.

Each individual's body is different in terms of structural frame and muscle density, two people who are the same height may weigh significantly different amounts.

I try to measure my clients monthly to see if there is a significant decrease in the number of inches measured. I would suggest you measure 6 points. I measure the shoulders, arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs.

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