With the drought over the City of Fresno considering changes to outdoor watering ordinance

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With the end of the drought, this summer the city may give thirsty lawns a break (KFSN)

During the winter Fresno residents are allowed to water their lawns just one day a week. Because of the drought for the past two years, during the sweltering summer, watering has been allowed just two days a week. But with the end of the drought, this summer the city may give thirsty lawns a break.

"We're thinking this three days a week in the summer, June, July, August makes sense that's when it's hot," said Thomas Esqueda, Public Utilities Director.

Esqueda notes with annual rainfall now way above average, and a record snowpack runoff expected, the city can consider relaxing the watering ban not only during the summer, but in spring and fall as well.

"The question really becomes on these shoulder months, April, May, September, October, what do we want to do there?"

Esqueda is leaning toward a two day a week watering schedule in those months, up from the one day a week now in place. The change will be up to the City Council.

Esqueda said it is not just the end of the drought that's helped change the city's water outlooks.

"Just tremendous performance from the citizens of Fresno on water conservation."

Conservation has cut water use by 36-percent, and while lawns and landscaping have suffered, it looks like a more normal watering schedule will be possible.

So on May 1st watering will be allowed two days a week. The City Council will decide next month if the summer schedule, starting June 1st, will move to three days a week.

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