Fresno family blames construction company for flooding damage during major storm

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The family says they've been spending their free time cleaning up a mess they claim was caused by a construction company. (KFSN)

Some Fresno families have spent the last few days trying to clean up damage and dry out their homes after flooding last Thursday, and they say nature is not to blame but a construction company is responsible.

People who live on a block of Olive Avenue say a nearby construction site is to blame for the mess they've been living in and now they want answers.

The Minjarez family says they've been living in their home full of mud and smelling of mildew since last Thursday.

"I'm just upset," Sonia Minjarez exclaimed. "I was left on my own without no electricity with four children, nowhere to stay."

Minjarez says the family has been spending their free time cleaning up a mess they claim was caused by a construction company. They say crews were working in front of their home pumping hoses of water toward their house and blocked drains with sandbags during the rains last Thursday off East Olive Avenue.

"We're like, 'Please for humanity, stop the waters going too high,' and he said, 'Well, I have strict orders to continue working because we have very expensive welding machinery down there,'" she said.

You can see the street flooding in a video she took while walking over to the construction workers, pleading for them to stop, and she says the water went above her knees.

The city of Fresno says it is investigating and has given property owners information about their claim process and resources in the meantime.

Markings of where the water levels reached can still be seen in that backyard and inside Minjarez' home, and their muddy bedroom remains empty as their damp mattress dries out in their hallway

Minjarez says her family and neighbors can't afford cleaning crews, so they've been doing it themselves.

"I told them you guys don't have to give me a lot of material back," she said. "I just wanted help cleaning it out. I just didn't want to be left how I was left."

Minjarez says she'll find out from the city in two weeks if they're taking reasonability or not.

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