Police working on finding suspect in the death of 18-year-old shot in Central Fresno

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From the day she was born 18 years ago at just three pounds and four ounces, Kayla Foster has been a fighter. (KFSN)

From the day she was born 18 years ago at just three pounds and four ounces, Kayla Foster has been a fighter.

"She was a preemie; she shared the womb with her brother. And he took up all the space but they stayed fighting all the time, but you couldn't see one without the other. It just breaks our heart that Kobe has to go on without her," said Cecilia Thomas, lifelong family friend.

A few weeks ago Kobe took his sister to their senior prom. He had many options being a star basketball player, but his family said it only made sense being that the two were inseparable.

On Sunday night Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Kayla was invited to a house party eight miles away from her home in Northwest Fresno.

"Kayla had been at that party 15 to 20 minutes when a car pulled up, faced the gathering with their high beams on, and in fact the individuals at the party at first thought it was a police car pulling into the area."

Several rounds were fired into the crowd, striking Kayla and her friend. She died and he survived with critical gunshot wounds.

Despite the entire family's heartbreak, Kayla's brother went to school Tuesday, he needs the comfort and hugs. His sister was part of the CNA program and planned to attend Fresno City College to become a nurse.

"It's just tragic that somebody with so much promise is caught in something that she really didn't deserve to be caught in," said Mark Sutton, Superintendent.

Kayla was a youth ambassador and worked hard with her grandmother and other relatives to stop gang violence. She worked to help troubled teens chose a better path. Her family's mission is now far more painful and personal.

"It makes it even harder to continue knowing that the same community that we tried to save has turned around and hit us hard," said Desiree Lamar, Kayla's godmother.

Kayla was a role model at home and at school, and already her absence is deeply noticed.

"She was special, always smiling-- having jokes. Just really a sunshine in our family," said Lakeisha Kittrell, lifelong family friend.

Right now it appears multiple shooters fired close to a dozen rounds in all. So far there have been no arrests, but police are confident they will solve the murder.

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