Extremely high temperatures raise some concern for health and safety of Valley residents

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The scorching heat will make its way into the Central Valley and throughout much of the state over the coming days. (KFSN)

The scorching heat will make its way into the Central Valley and throughout much of the state over the coming days. Bringing with it triple-digit temperatures just in time for the start of summer.

"We're dying, it's pretty hot yeah," said Wendy Salas, Fresno.

We didn't even break a hundred on Friday-- in fact summer won't officially begin until next Tuesday. Experts say now is the time to start preparing your body for the Valley's blistering heat.

"Exercising is a blast, it's fun but right now our body hasn't gotten used to the heat so its going to take some time-- maybe even two weeks to get our body acclimated," said Rhonda Murphy, Action News Fitness Expert.

We found Salas and her friend Blanca searching for shade after running four miles at Woodward Park in the middle of the day-- with no water.

Experts suggest the best way to beat dehydration is to drink before you get thirsty.

"If you don't replenish it you're going to start to feel it-- light headed, queasy stomach, kind of weak, once that happens you're already dehydrated, you are already behind the gun," said Murphy.

Lucky for Salas and Blanca they weren't experiencing any symptoms of dehydration, but for others the extreme heat could have devastating effects.

"You lose track of heat exhaustion and can lead to heat stroke, so we really got to take care of ourselves," said David Luchini, Fresno County Department of Public Health.

Luchini warns the extreme heat can overpower the human body.

"You need to be aware, especially if you're taking certain medications, when it's hot can cause side effects so you need to be aware of the medications you're taking and what are the side effects when its very hot."

Experts stress prevention when the mercury rises. Salas and Blanca say they won't be going on any more runs during the afternoon heat anytime soon.

"We will definitely be going in the evening following today," said Salas.

If you have to be outside look for shade-- same goes for our pets, be sure they always have shade and water.

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