Residents flock to Kings River after Reedley Beach reopens

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Even though the river is open for recreation, deputies will keep a close eye on people out on the water because the current remains strong. (KFSN)

The Kings River is ice cold, but kids are thrilled to be able to splash around at Reedley Beach again.

Paul Gonzales was out with his wife Martha and keeping a close eye on their son Paul Jr.

"As long as we have an arm on him, even though it's a slow current, you still don't trust this river," the Orange Cove resident said. "This river's taken lots of lives in the past, and you just don't want to be that next statistic."

The sandy island will be packed as more people learn one of their favorite spots on the river has reopened. A few weeks ago, the water overflowed the banks up to the parking lot.

"We were thinking about floating, but I think it's still a little too strong," Karine Orozco of Kingsburg said. "So, we'll just stay safe, and stay over here where it's calmer for the kids."

Two Fresno County Sheriff's Office patrol teams are already patrolling the river, even returning lost soccer balls to kids. This weekend, deputies will keep a close eye on people out on the water because the current remains strong.

"We're still well above average," Tony Botti with the sheriff's office said. "It's still very dangerous. We have a lot of downed trees on the river that you can get hung up in, so be aware of that. Always keep your eyes open so you don't find yourself in a predicament."

Reedley Police will be checking to make sure people aren't drinking alcohol at the beach. Cricket Hollow and the boat launch area remains closed due to unsafe conditions.

Jack Hoover knows this river well. He often fishes here.

"The thing about it though, it's very dangerous here because people get in the shallow water and then you kind of drift out a little bit and you're in way over your head out there and it gets deep and gets bad," he said.

But Jack's dog Charlie just wanted a sip of ice water.

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