Victim describes moments leading to violent River Park robbery in court

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Jeremy Lynd and Bobbie Sue Sevier are being held to answer for the crime that one victim said forced him to get a gun and start firing. (KFSN)

Jurors are hearing straight from the victim what happened when he was robbed at a River Park ATM before turning the tables on the suspects.

Jeremy Lynd and Bobbie Sue Sevier are being held to answer for the crime that one victim said forced him to get a gun and start firing.

It happened last January at the EECU teller machine on Blackstone Avenue near El Paso. The victim was pulling $20 out for lunch when a friendly comment about the cold morning quickly changed the mood after he was jolted twice by a stun gun.

Jurors saw for themselves the moment the unsuspecting victim approaches the automatic teller machine at about 5 a.m. The judge asked us to not identify the victim.

The violent confrontation felt much longer than the video showed for the middle aged victim and former Fresno County correctional officer.

Police from Fresno to Turlock say Jeremy Lynd was on a crime spree across the Central Valley when he came face to face the sanitation worker. Officers say Sevier was the getaway driver.

"After the car rammed me the first time, it pulled forward and I could hear the engine revving and when it was starting back that's when I fired the first shot," the victim told the court.

"Why did you fire that first shot?" asked the district attorney.

"Because I felt it was going to run into me. Which it did," he replied.

Four days earlier, Kayla Fink described what happened after taking $200 out of an ATM in Turlock. She pulled into her apartment and told jurors the suspect blocked her in.

"I've tried to remember this for such a long time because it happened so fast, but it was I guess kind of like give me everything you have or give me what you have," she said.

Officers from Turlock testified showing up to find Kayla crying. Her car window had been shattered by the suspect's gun, she said.
But moments after she had her purse and phone stolen, she looked down at the spot the suspect had parked and found a black Nokia flip phone on the ground.

Detective Jason Tosta testified the phone had a selfie of the man Kayla said robbed her.

"It had an image typically referred to as a wallpaper image of what appeared to be a white male adult on the screen," he said.

The picture was put on the Turlock Police Department's website and within hours members of the public had identified the man as Jeremy Lynd. Officers say Lynd left Turlock for the Fresno area where the armed robberies continued.

The spree ended with the close call in River Park. Bobbie Sue ended up with a gunshot to the leg from the victim and Jeremy got away.

But Federal marshals caught up with him in Sacramento three days later and arrested him. The defense attorney representing Lynd tried hard to discredit witnesses Monday and point out inconsistencies in the video evidence that was different than prior statements.

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