Former prostitute at an infamous Nevada brothel admits she brought her business to Fresno

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Stapleton is a convicted prostitute, but in four months she can make the conviction go away. (KFSN)

Stapleton is a convicted prostitute, but in four months she can make the conviction go away. The former Fresno Police Officer accused of arranging her sex for money meetups may have to work a lot harder to argue his hands are not dirty.

At the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, she was bunny Allie Marie and she made no bones about her line of work. Provocative photos and videos advertised sex for money in Nevada, where it is legal.

This week, she was back to being Alicia Stapleton and she admitted to some of the same activity here in Fresno, where it is not.

The punishment is not much more than a slap on the wrist.

"It's a diversion type of resolution where you stay out of trouble for four months, do a class, and you come back and it's dismissed," said Legal Analyst Ralph Torres

Stapleton's case caught the attention of Fresno Police because of some of the racier photos popping up on her Twitter page--one in particular also appeared on a Craigslist posting.

Stapleton posed for the too-revealing-for-TV photo in a bathroom belonging to a Fresno Police officer. Undercover officers say they responded to the ad, and Officer Robert Knight arranged the meeting where Stapleton agreed to perform a paid sex act.

Knight is scheduled for trial next week and he is fighting the charges of supervising a prostitute.

Corin: "So if you're the person who's arranged all of this, if that is proved, how do you say 'ah, well, I wasn't pimping?"

"That's a difficult fact pattern. I think you would have to show that it wasn't for money, that it's basically that's their lifestyle," said Torres.

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