New policies and security measures at the Big Fresno Fair

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Final preparations are in place as the Big Fresno Fair appears ready for Wednesday?s opening day (KFSN)

Final preparations are in place as the Big Fresno Fair appears ready for Wednesday's opening day and in light of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas organizers want everyone to know security will once again be a top priority.

"I know all of our security personnel will be on heightened alert because of these events," said Deputy Manager Stacy Rianda.

Rianda says the Big Fresno Fair will implement a number of new security features this year, beginning at the gate. All visitors will now be issued a wristband on the weekends and minors younger than 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 21 after 7 p.m.

"We have done research and talk to other venues--malls other large entertainment venues that have initiated a lot of these measures as well...and it was something we felt it was time for us to do too," said Rianda.

Management is also beefing up security this year by adding a larger police presence in and around the fairgrounds.

"At any one time we could have 60 to 85 police officers on grounds, that does not include all the officers that are on the outside," said Rianda.

It also does not include the eye in the sky-- dozens of new high-tech surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the fairgrounds.

"The cameras that we have added the majority of them are PTZ-- which means we can zoom in if there's a situation going we can move the cameras to anything that may be going on," said Deputy Manager, Lauri King.

In addition to the cameras, Fresno Police will now have on-site access to surveillance -- giving them the advantage to respond to calls even quicker.

"We've added additional cameras and it'll be very easy for police to sit in one location to see everything that's happening all at once," said Rianda.

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