SurveyUSA guns poll shows how Valley compares to rest of California

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Results of an exclusive new ABC30 SurveyUSA poll reveal how Central Valley residents' opinions (KFSN)

Results of an exclusive new ABC30 SurveyUSA poll reveal how Central Valley residents' opinions about guns differ from the rest of the state.

The survey polled 800 people in California, and the results are also broken down by category, including regions (The Central Valley, Greater Los Angeles area, Inland Empire, and Bay Area).

It comes just days after the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Authorities found more than 20 guns inside the shooter's hotel room, including high capacity magazines.

One poll question asks, "Would you support or oppose a law that limits how much ammunition a gun can hold at once?"

Geographically, the results vary.

Seventy six percent of those polled in the Greater Los Angeles area would support a law like that, while only 48 percent would in the Central Valley.

Dinuba's Bryan Chono, a gun owner, thinks only law enforcement and military need high capacity magazines.

"There's no reason for a civilian to have a magazine that holds 100 rounds or I believe they make one for the (AR-15) that holds like 300 rounds," Chono said. "I mean my God, what are you going to do?"

Another question asks, "Do you think stricter gun control laws could have prevented the shootings in Las Vegas?"

Fifty two percent of those polled in the Bay Area said yes, compared to only 31 percent who said yes in the Valley.

Chono doesn't think stricter laws are the answer, but rather, reinforcement of existing laws.

He believes background checks should take a closer look at a person's mental health.

"Given the time to do an in-depth background check, I think you can find the red flags," Chono said.

"We are pretty confident that we have a president now that understands the constitution and understands our rights under the second amendment," said Todd Cotta, owner of Kings Gun Center.

Cotta owns the gun range and shop with his family.

He says there has not been a rush to buy guns at his store after what happened in Vegas.

But on Wednesday, he learned one of his members was there, and hid behind barricades to survive.

Cotta says she was nervous to shoot again, but was glad she did.

"Coming back here and shooting was a way for her to reassure herself that her fears and the way she is with her guns is the way she should be," Cotta said.

Cotta believes there are already too many gun laws on the books, especially in California.

However, 46 percent of those surveyed in the Valley say federal gun laws aren't strict enough.

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