Gas and registration fees to go up after Governor Brown approves Senate Bill 1

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The state legislature has already approved Senate Bill 1, and Governor Brown signed it. (KFSN)

The state legislature has already approved Senate Bill 1, and Governor Brown signed it. A campaign to ask the voters to overturn it is underway, and local and state officials are trying to showcase the benefits of the cost increases.

Flanked by construction workers, Caltrans Deputy Director Laurie Berman talked up the benefits Senate Bill 1 will provide.

"Simply put, Senate Bill 1 is a game changer for California-- California highways carry nearly 35 million vehicles annually and I'm sure you've noticed that our roadways have worn significantly due to traffic, weather and aging," said Berman.

The measure allocates more than $50 billion in funding for highways, roads, and streets over the next 10 years, with funds divided between the state, counties, and cities. City Council Member Esmerelda Soria sees a big benefit for Fresno.

"The projection over the next ten years is $119 million which are very crucial and critical," said Soria.

One of the first steps will be a $5 million rehab of Highway 99 through Fresno, and nearly 40 miles of other repavement projects throughout the county over the next year. But it comes at a cost--12 cent per gallon increase in the gasoline tax takes effect November 1st along with a 20 cent per gallon increase in diesel fuel.

In addition, vehicle registration fees will increase from $25 to $175 dollars, depending on the value of your vehicle. For example, cars worth between $5,000 and $24,999 dollars registration would increase by $50 a year.

While SB1 is the law, a petition drive to get voters to overturn it is underway. Lead by Assembly Member Travis Allen, of Huntington Beach, who feels it's an unfair burden on Californians.

Supporters believe the people understand the need to ease traffic and fix the streets.

"I get the calls every single day, when is my street in my neighborhood gonna get repaired," said Soria

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