'Immerse.in' Virtual Reality Arcade Opens In Fresno

Fresno's first virtual reality arcade is now here. Located at 4010 N. Chestnut Diagonal, Imm3rse.in recently made its debut.

Imm3rse.in offers room-scale virtual reality gaming, with stations for both individual players and groups.

According to the arcade's website, games include single player games like Batman: Arkham VR, Space Pirate Trainer, and Google Earth VR. Groups with up to six people can also get in on the fun with multiplayer games that include Quiver, Arizona Sunshine and Rec Room.

The games cost $20 an hour, which includes the rental of an HTC Vive headset. Imm3rse.in also allows two players to take turns and share game time with one device. People who wear glasses with frames lengths less than 5.5 inches can also use the headsets, though Imm3rse.in recommends contacts whenever possible.

According to Forbes, virtual reality arcades -- which first became popular in Asia -- could be a $45 billion industry by 2025. While China alone has seen 3,000 VR arcades spring up over the last few years, the trend has been slower to develop in the United States.

Imm3rse.in is open 3-9pm on Thursday, 11am-10pm on Friday, 10am-10pm on Saturday, and 12pm to 10pm on Sunday.

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