'I thought I was going to die.' Witness recalls moment gunman stormed into Yountville veteran rehab center

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Haley Rekdahl was attending a going away party for a coworker at The Pathway Home Friday, when an man armed with a rifle stormed in. (KGO-TV)

Haley Rekdahl was attending a going away party for a coworker at The Pathway Home Friday when a man armed with a rifle stormed in.

"The suspect walked into the party and it was just like horror surrounded the room," said Rekdahl.

Rekdahal, who works as a residential counselor at Pathway Home, said the gunman said very little. "Saying our names and saying you can go," said Rekdahl.

She ran from the building and called 911. She said three other mental health staffers were not allowed to leave.

"I just hoped that he would also allow them to go, which didn't happen," Rekdahl added.

She recognized the gunman as Army vet Albert Wong. He'd been discharged from the program two weeks ago. Rekdahl can't comment why but said she knew Wong well.

"He was just really struggling, he was dealt a really raw deal in life and had a lot of trauma," she said.

The Pathway Home is a residential treatment center for veterans suffering with PTSD. Rekdahl says the doors are locked at all times, she doesn't know how Wong got in.

The residential counselor doesn't know why her bosses may have been targeted. "I can say the three of them worked the closest with him on his rehabilitation," Rekdahl said.

She now mourns for three of her mentors who dedicated their lives to helping others heal.

"One thing they had in common is they were all so caring and just incredible," she said.

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