CHP busting license plate cheaters

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A little known state program is working to bust auto registration cheaters. (KFSN)

A little known state program is working to bust auto registration cheaters. And the California Highway Patrol is hoping you will turn in longtime neighbors who break this certain law.

This decade old program is breaking new records this year. Since January it has collected a million dollars, according to the CHP.

Nichol Wright just moved to Fresno a month ago from Oregon. For her, like thousands of other drivers, the 20-day grace period to register her car in her new home state is up.

"I think that, especially when you're moving to a whole new state, there's so much to figure out and find out where everything's at," Wright told Action News. "I think that you would need at least 60 days to get settled."

Technically, Wright could be reported to the 'California Help Eliminate All the Evasive Registration Scofflaws' which is better known as CHEATERS.

"A lot of people moving in, and various reasons they don't register in California," said CHP officer Axel Reyes. "That's something that they're cheating the state and cheating others out of money."

Since 2004 CHEATERS has brought in $10.5 million in vehicle registration fees, Reyes said. By the end of this year it's expected revenue generation is $2 million for 2014.

Here's how it works: the next time you're out, or you spot a longtime neighbor's car with an out-of-state plate, the CHP says go online to report when and where you saw it, what kind of car and where it's from. All of this is done anonymously.

Drivers, like Antonio Alvarado, aren't completely on board with CHEATERS. "I don't think it's right," he said. "I mean if your neighbor is going to be rolling on you, I don't think it's right."

Sandra Manning says she doesn't like being asked to report on someone she may know. "I think they should register," she said. "I think everybody should be an honest citizen. I think there are too many people that aren't honest."

Not all out-of-state plates are illegal, especially visitors, students and active-duty military. The states with the most offending transplants are our neighbors from Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona.

The CHP says fines will only be imposed on offenders who ignore citations. If you are cited, which only happens following an investigation, it's essentially a fix-it ticket.
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