First day of 100 degree weather in 2014

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The sun finally raised the temperature in the Valley to triple digits for the first time in eight months. (KFSN)

From the looks of it people in Northeast Fresno are listening to health experts and staying indoors during the hottest part of the day.

But we found a much different story in Kingsburg. Dozens showed up for this year's launch day of the Swedish Festival. "That's okay," said Marilyn Palsgaard. "That's what the Valley is... the heat, we just get used to it."

Palsgaard was out in the hot sun along with the rest of her family. Her grandson had the hottest job of the day, working the grill. Her great granddaughter performs with the Swedish Village Music Kids. "I can handle it, until it gets over 100, then it's kind of hard," she said.

"I don't like it," said Kathy Chambers. "Nope, I'd rather it be in the 70's. I think I'd be fine."

In the North Valley the Chowchilla Fair kicked off Thursday. Organizers say they're ready for big crowds and the heat.

"We've got a lot of shade trees and grass areas," said Chowchilla Fair CEO John Scurfield. "We've got air conditioning going and all the animals have their fans going to keep them cool."

And get ready for poor air quality -- the Valley Air District says along with the heat comes baking ozone and more dirty air.

The city of Fresno says its splash parks open this Saturday.

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