Fresno restaurant owner speaks out after backlash against Hispanics comment

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Roll One for Mi owner Steve Wyate posted the comment saying that his servers are ready to "build a wall around the restaurant" because he says Hispanics never tip. (KFSN)

A Fresno restaurant owner is left responding to controversial remarks he made on Facebook targeting Hispanics.

On Saturday, Roll One for Mi owner Steve Wayte posted the comment saying that his servers are ready to build a wall around his restaurant because he says some Hispanics never tip.

The post drew criticism from thousands online including former Fresno County supervisor and mayoral candidate Henry Perea who called for the community to in turn build an economic wall around the establishment.

Wayte answered to his comments saying it was meant to be a joke and meant nothing by it.

"This is a hard business to be in anyway, and my servers rely on their tips, so I was defending my staff more than impugning Hispanics," he said. "I didn't say all. I hate generalizations. I hate that stuff. But it all just happened to be that night."

Wayte later apologized for his comments and says he will be more aware of the comments he makes on Facebook.
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