Scammers become aggressive acting as IRS

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An alert has been issued by the Internal Revenue Service about aggressive scammers. (KFSN)

An alert has been issued by the Internal Revenue Service about aggressive scammers. The IRS says they're now posing as an IRS agent and demanding personal information or making threats over the phone.

For weeks, right in the middle of family time, Valerie Ray has endured endless phone calls. All of the calls were coming from this same number, a California number.

At first it was just once a day. Then came Labor Day when the calls became repetitive and threatening. "It was really quite annoying on our day off," Ray said. "They kept calling, like maybe 4 or 5 times in a 5 hour period."

That's when Ray decided to call back. She says she was completely caught off guard by the aggression. "(He) demanded my date of birth, and my phone number that I was calling from," she said. "He went as far to ask, well demand basically, for my social security number, the last four digits."

And that's when she laughed at the man, who then began cursing at her and calling her names.

In some cases the IRS says people are threatened with a visit from local police or even deportation. A federal spokesperson told Action News if there is an issue the IRS will never call with demands or threats.

"We will work with you," said IRS spokesperson Lourdes Souss. "If you do owe money we will talk to you about all the options you have for payment, whether it's a payment plan or credit card payment, whichever is best to pay."

Ray says she called our newsroom because she's worried someone else may become a victim of the intrusive calls. "Just to try to expose this and hopefully shed light and shut it down, I would hope," Ray said.

The scammers are also known to call and say you have a refund coming your way, but you need to give up some personal or bank information first. That should be a big red flag.

The IRS says it will always contact you first with a letter in the mail with a number for you to call them. If you've become a victim report it to the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission as soon as possible.

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