Woman killed in Stockton shootout remembered

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The family of the hostage killed in Wednesday's bank robbery and high-speed chase in Stockton opens up publicly for the first time. (KFSN)

The family of the hostage killed in Wednesday's bank robbery and high-speed chase in Stockton opens up publicly for the first time. They're calling for records and reports on police actions that led up to Misty Holt-Singh's death in the shootout.

Late Friday, Stockton police announced they're looking for a fourth suspect from the bank robbery -- a person they say who dropped off the other three men.

Police found the car they believe was used in the deadly crime. And now the hostage who died, Holt-Singh, we've learned, has many friends in Fresno County. They are asking for everyone to support the family through this tragedy.

"She would never do for her, always for us," the victim's husband, Paul Singh said. He led his family in public statements just two days after his wife was taken hostage in the Stockton bank robbery and killed.

The family says Misty went to the bank with her 12-year-old daughter Mia to get cash for a hair appointment. Mia stayed in the car, avoiding the chaos inside the bank.

At the news conference, Mia didn't talk about the tragic event, instead remembering the everyday things about her mother. "I'd always be on my phone Snapchatting, and she'd always try and get in 'em," Mia said. "And she'd always chew ice, all the time."

Investigators say Misty was used as a shield by the suspects during the shootout. Stockton police say it's not clear yet if the suspects shot and killed Misty or if police did.

A family friend and attorney says the Singh family will ask for all reports, videos and logs from the deadly confrontation. They will be looking into police policy and officers' use of deadly force.

"We look forward to do a full open and transparent investigation that is informative to the family as well as the citizens of Stockton," said Gregory Bentley.

Police released video of a suspected getaway car, a dark four-door sedan. Hours later they posted on Twitter that they found the car abandoned.

Misty's sister is grieving for her and the two dead suspect's families. "And they have grief that they have to accept," said Dawn Holt. "And let's respect the robbers' families' grief as well."

On Misty's Facebook page, family and friends posted condolences and memories. Her son, Paul Jr., graduated high school last year. Misty posted pictures of that day, when she wrote on his car 'Fresno State or bust,' and 'Bulldog bound.' The university says Paul Jr. never enrolled there.

Late Friday, the father of one of the suspects killed in the shootout said he thinks police were justified in their use of deadly force against his son.


Bank of Stockton, Misty Holt Singh Memorial Account, P.O. Box 1110, Stockton, CA 95201. Account# 1210054712

GoFundMe Account: http://www.gofundme.com/bplhfc.

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