Possible alibi could dismantle case, former Fresno State mascot accused of groping women

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A picture is worth 1000 words and in this case, it could save a young man a year in jail. (KFSN)

A new piece of evidence could dismantle the case against the former Fresno State mascot accused of groping several young women near campus last year.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words and in this case, it could save a young man a year in jail. On the far right of a photograph posted to Instagram, Deandre Jean-Pierre posed with his fellow Fresno State NAACP students.
Franz Criego, Defense Attorney: "Where was that photograph taken?"
Deandre Jean-Pierre: "Sacramento, California"
Criego: "And on what day?"
Jean-Pierre: "October 23."

That happens to be the same day Jean-Pierre is accused of groping a woman just off the Fresno State campus.

Police accused him of sneaking up on five different women over the course of a few months last year, but the October 23rd victim was the only one who positively identified him on her first look at a police lineup. Someone grabbed her just before 8 p.m.

At least two other people in the photo say that couldn't have possibly been Jean-Pierre.

Judge John Vogt: "Do you know what time you returned to Fresno?"
Cherie Payne, Witness: "Not a specific time, no. But I know it was after 9 o'clock."

Prosecutors questioned why Jean-Pierre never mentioned any alibi to police when they questioned him in December.
David Zimmerman, Prosecutor: "When did you find this photograph?"
Jean-Pierre: "Upon finding out the dates and trying to piece back together where I was and not being interrogated."

The victims who testified all pointed to Jean-Pierre when asked who touched them, but only one of them identified him before police released his photo after his arrest.

Prosecutors couldn't get one of the women to testify, so they dropped one charge Wednesday.
The jury could start deliberations Thursday.

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