Fresno crews work to fix pothole problems after storm

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As puddles on Fresno roads begin to evaporate another round of damage by the storm comes to light. (KFSN)

As puddles on Fresno roads begin to evaporate another round of damage by the storm comes to light.

Kim Kirkland is running out of alternate routes.

"I didn't know that the potholes were that bad off the freeway."

And Kirkland is losing her patience

"It's about time that someone sees these potholes other than me, because these potholes are ripping my rims. They cost $1,500 and they ain't worth 10 cent now."

On the freeway Caltrans is feeling the pressure. Since Tuesday, they have filled more than 150 potholes with cold mix and they're working through this holiday weekend.

Workers said they would like to throw on more than just a Band-Aid but resources are limited.

"If you drive our highways, you'll notice some of the bumpy rides, the potholes, areas that need to be repaved. But right now the funding isn't available from the state to," said Cory Burkarth, Caltrans.

Auto repair shop's like A & J's say it is only a matter of time before checks for tire alignments increase. They are cautioning people not to drive through puddles and fix problems sooner rather than later.

"If one part is damaged, and it interacts with other parts, what you're going to end up doing is hurting more than one thing," said Andy Frowsing, Owner, A&J Auto Repair.

Kirkland said it's not just the cost of repairs wearing her down.

"The problem that I see with these potholes is that they are going to get bigger, and what's really bad is that someone's going to get hurt at night."

It is safety that consumes her mind and the thought that more than a tire will be busted as the state waits for funds.

Many people may not know this but Caltrans does have funds to reimburse you for pothole damages if they happened on a state road. You have to file a form and the claims department will look into it. A link to that can be found here.
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