Friends of Fresno shooting spree suspect say they are in shock after shooting

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For staff and members of CMAC the crimes Kori Muhammad is accused of committing outrageously contradict the person they thought they knew. (KFSN)

In the public access television station, 24 hours ago, Desiree Martinez heard the news. Three people were gunned down and killed not far from the studio-- allegedly by a man who regularly walked these halls. Suspect Kori Muhammad was there just one week ago.

"Like he sat in this studio right here-- half a day, working on his show and he was himself," said Martinez.

For staff and members of CMAC the crimes Muhammad is accused of committing outrageously contradict the person they thought they knew.

"He was always happy. He was always smiling, he was always about health and fitness," said Martinez.

"He was always kind and courteous to staff and to other members. There were never any racial issues, I don't know-- It's very difficult to understand," said Jerry Lee, CMAC Executive Director.

Muhammad produced his own show for the public access channel about health and wellness. Martinez has her own show but would often work alongside him.

"I think it hurts worse because he was somebody that I knew. Why? What happened? Was there something we could have done to help you?"

While those who worked with him didn't see any change in persona Muhammad's father, Vincent Taylor, said when he saw him three days ago and he knew something was wrong.

"He was just nice and calm and cool but I knew he had done something because he had cut his hair."

Muhammad had cut the dreadlocks he'd had for more than 10 years. When his father asked what happened Muhammad's girlfriend said he had done the kind of thing you take to the grave.

Muhammad's actions and his past aren't matching up for Martinez, and all she is left with now are endless questions and pain. When she is not working at CMAC she advocates for the homeless and she said her street family is now hurting because of him.

"He hurt me a lot when he did what he did. It's hurtful, it's scary, it's sick."

We spoke with a mental health professional to get some kind of explanation of his drastic change in behavior. She said drugs can corrupt the way a person's mind works, which could be a factor. She also said people with mental illness can have breaking points that can push them over the edge.
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