Some businesses in the Valley closed their doors as part of the national 'a Day without Immigrants' protest

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Across the country many took part in a national day of protest, including right here in the Central Valley. (KFSN)

Across the country many took part in a national day of protest, including right here in the Central Valley.

Businesses big and small closed their doors on Thursday to show support for 'a Day without Immigrants' campaign. Many stayed home from work or school and avoided spending money. The message was designed to show America the importance of immigrants.

"This issue, it's not only about those here undocumented who have broken the law-- there is much more to it," said Esmeralda Soria, Fresno City Council.

Soria grew up the daughter of immigrant parents

"If this is an issue, if they feel they need to take a stance then I stand behind them, because I think it's important that we stay true to who we are. Especially during these times when a lot of folks are feeling fearful of what is to come next."

The movement is in response to the Trump administration's pledge to crackdown on immigration and to build a wall along the Mexican border.

The day of protest has led to a number of local Mexican restaurants and stores being closed. An entire block in downtown Madera was a ghost town as business after business showed solidarity by not opening.

But not everyone action news spoke to agree with the boycott.

"Protests do help out but you can't always blame the economy. Yeah, I know their trying to say something to the President, but at the end of the day it comes down to you got to have a job and you got to put money in there," said Adolfo Zurita, Madera.

Fresno Unified saw a slight dip in attendance Thursday-- we received a statement from the district that reads in part, "Fresno Unified experienced modest decreases in general attendance today (elementary schools down 12-percent, middle schools 17-percent and high schools at 14-percent) with some schools seeing no changes at all."

We also received calls from parents in Firebaugh and Mendota who told us many classrooms there were almost half empty.
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