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El Capitan swimmer continues to overcome all obstacles (KFSN)

The road to the CIF State Swimming and Diving Finals isn't easy. It's paved through hard work, talent and determination. Just as in life, while every individual's path is different so is every athlete's.

"I guess through hard work, I worked my butt off to qualify for state," said El Capitan Brody Ferguson.

El Capitan High swimmer Brody Ferguson is humble. For all the setbacks he's encountered, the freshman faces adversity head on.

"I can't imagine what Brody has gone through, he's gone through more in 16 years than most of us have ever gone through," said El Capitan head coach Rodd Parker.

Brody endured many surgeries early in life to try and correct the clubfoot he was born with.

"I was okay until about 7th grade where I had a surgery for they didn't know what at the time. Once they looked at it and researched it they figured out it was a form of cancer," said Ferguson.

The battle was long from over.

"The second time it came back there was no other option but to amputate his leg," said his mother Marie Ferguson.

Doctors' amputated his right leg just below the knee during his 8th grade year and Brody entered his freshman year ready to compete. Playing in three sports this year: water polo, wrestling and now swimming, where he unanimously earned the Gaucho Swimmer of the Year award.

"They didn't vote for him because of his condition. They voted for him because the other swimmers see the work he puts in," said Parker.

"I couldn't hope for any better teammates than I already have. They are always there to support me," said Ferguson. "During practice they are always saying 'C'mon on Brody let's do another lap. Push a little harder,' you know getting me ready for stuff."

Including another bout with cancer.

"Just about a week ago it was declared that I have lung cancer and there's 3 options," said Ferguson.

One option, Chemotherapy for 6 months. Another, a surgery to remove his tumors, but Brody is hoping for an experimental pill that acts like chemotherapy with minimal side effects.

"Usually when something happens I give myself two days to think about it. But then after that I'm a normal person, I'm all happy," said Ferguson. "You have to look at the positive. You can't look at it negatively. I can't stop it from happening. I know my life is going to be great no matter what. My focus is on swimming, academics and all that. Cancer is just a secondary thing to me."

"I've been proud of him since the day he was born. So win or lose, he's my hero," said his mother.

With a positive attitude that's second to none.
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