59 Days of Code competition beginning to heat up in Downtown Fresno

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A technology competition like no other is heating up at Bitwise Industries. (KFSN)

A technology competition like no other is heating up at Bitwise Industries.

"It's kind of a way to vet that we do have developers locally here in the Central Valley and that they're good developers, and they've shown time and time again the caliber of software developers that they are," said Derek Payton, 59 Days of Code Board Member.

Board members are calling on all techies to sign up for the "59 Days of Code Competition, which has showcased great ideas over the years.

"Things like a lottery pool app or a yard sale digger, which helps you find yard sales and good deals," said Payton.

Another company called Min Yawns has helped connect business owners who need workers with college students looking to make some extra cash.

Damon Thomas, owner of Quiq Labs, was a part of the competition for three years.

"We get real time feedback from live people at the 59 Days of Code Competition floor. The feedback was so great-- we won, so that was a bonus."

Thomas' app has helped people track QR codes in real time.

"It changed how they market and how they connect with their clients in a digital and mobile way."

Now is the time for developers to get their game plan together before the launch on June 17.

"They have 59 days to develop a web application or a mobile application for phone so IOS or Android. We have two tracks so you can develop anything you want in our classic track," said Payton.

This year a new category has been added for people to solve water issues.

People as young as 16 can sign up and no limit on how many people can compete in your team.

The competition officially kicks off June 17th-- let the best ideas and apps win.

For more information on the competition and how to enter, click here.
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