Valley Cal Fire dispatched several strike teams, more on the way

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As night descended, so did the last of four Fresno County strike teams. (KFSN)

As night descended, so did the last of four Fresno County strike teams. A group of engines prepared to head to one of the 18 raging wildfires across the state. Firefighters stood no chance so far in containing them.

"It looks like a bomb went off. There's nothing left of, you know, these homes," said James Cook.

All day, the Fresno County emergency command center has been sending reinforcements.

Three teams left first for Napa County the Monday afternoon, the request came from Southern California.

"We've sent strike teams of engines, bulldozers, hand crews, and we've sent people with specialties," said Battalion Chief Ryan Michaels.

With those resources gone --Local Cal-fire stations are preparing to staff reserve engines, and bring in extra staff. They say the most damaging fires have historically happened in October.

"Sometimes people underestimate that the temperatures drop down, but humidity is low winds also increase, everything has just been drying and dying all summer," said Battalion.

The fires have burned with such intensity -- fighting them has not been an option.

"I don't know if I'm going to have a home when I go home," said Nancy Christianson.

The focus up until this point has been evacuating people on time--with more reinforcements now, firefighters stand a chance in turning the tide.
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