Crews in Fresno working hard to clean up after storm

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The sun peeked through the clouds over the Central Valley Friday, ending a long stretch of heavy rain and stormy weather. The clearer skies also meant city crews were pounding the pavement.

A major problem across Fresno-- potholes.

"Well you know one of the side effects of having a significant amount of rain, like we've had over the last week or so, is the fact that the water seeps into the cracks of roadways and streets that are already distressed and it's causing potholes," said Mark Standriff, City of Fresno.

Caltrans had crews on Highway 99 fixing pot holes left behind from the heavy rains.

City workers were dispatched to dozens of damaged areas and worked quickly to make repairs.

"It's a temporary fix. All we're doing right now is pretty much is just putting a band aid on the street knowing the streets are already distressed and that some kind of resurfacing is going to have to happen for the entire street sometime soon," said Standriff.

"The bark and leaves which probably mostly came from my yard show you where there was different levels of flooding," said Jacob White, Fresno.

White in East Central Fresno showed us just how close the water came to his house. Those who live there were shocked at how fast the cul-de-sac went under water. He said it even picked up two full trash cans at the end of his driveway.

Now comes the clean up-- raking the leaves and bark before the next storm comes.

"This last week's rain was pretty severe, I had never seen this corner get that flooded," said White.

The City of Fresno said residents can actually download the city's app to report potholes in their neighborhood.
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