How to beat the Valley heat

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When it is this hot people will do just about anything to keep cool and we do mean anything. (KFSN)

When it is this hot people will do just about anything to keep cool and we do mean anything, the internet is full of random videos of individuals trying to beat the heat in all sorts of ways. Most people we spoke to said staying cool in the Valley during the summer is a state of mind.

"We live in Fresno, if you don't like the heat you may need to pack up and move," said Sean Henderson, Fresno.

Assuming you are hanging around this summer there are a number of myths out there that may or may not keep you cool.

We asked people if they had heard the myth that eating spicy food will cool you off?

"Nah, never-- but I mean I could see why they would think that but no," said Kalvaughn Few, Fresno.

It's actually not as crazy as it sounds-- eating a super spicy meal induces sweating which may help you feel a bit cooler.

How about the myth that drinking warm water or hot coffee will actually cool you down?

"I actually drank a little warm water yesterday and it wasn't to good for me, made me feel a lot worse," said Raj Brar, Fresno.

"I haven't heard any of those myths I just blast my AC full throttle like no holding back," said Luis Figueroa, Fresno.

Keeping your car cool while it's parked on a hot day is key to saving your skin and your car.

"There is no shade here but I try to find a twig of shade and cover my steering wheel-- I cover my steering wheel so I don't burn my fingers," said Karan Dillon, Fresno.

The internal temperature in your car will be a little more bearable if you crack the windows, dashboard sunshades will also help reduce the heat.

So how much cooler do you think your car is with a shield?

"I'm saying 5 to 10 degrees-- anything will help," said Dr. Sylvia Sanchez, Fresno.

A wide brim hat will keep the sun out of your eyes and cool you down at the same time.

"They say you're probably about 20-percent cooler, it's substantial, it protects an important area of your body," said Allen Smith, Fresno.
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