Road crews clean Fresno streets after heavy rain greets morning rush hour

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City officials say if property owners have any flooding concerns, they are urged to call 621-CITY. (KFSN)

Slick roadways and heavy traffic can almost be expected when a storm system passes through the Valley.

But Friday morning's combination of heavy downpour and gusty winds meant drivers had another obstacle. Flooding at Palm and Shields Avenues wasn't only problematic for drivers, it caused some problems on the roadways and even flooded major intersections.

Brother's Barber Shop owner Hikmad Alsarama says he spent nearly an hour sweeping water out of his business.

"When we came today, it's like the water was almost to the door," he said. "And because the cars pass by, it's like waving."

Tree branches and leaves blocking a nearby drain caused water levels to rise to sidewalk level, and city crews spent the day monitoring the roadways and clearing out any debris.

Crews used street sweepers to clear the debris and keep the water flowing down. Maintenance crews were able to clear the drain in minutes.

Further south at Palm and Yale Avenues was a similar scene.

"We have pump systems set up in that area to remove excess rain," Mark Standriff with the city said. "But again we can't control what mother nature sends us."

Standriff says they prepare for storms daily. Crews conduct preventative maintenance including pump testing and drain clearing - adding the drains are designed to handle steady normal rainfall.

"If we get something that's really intense like a half an inch over a one hour period then those maintenance crews can all be pulled into a storm SWAT team," he said.

Standriff adds should property owners have any flooding concerns they are urged to call 621-CITY.
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