Storms sweep across Central Valley

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Storms brought rain across the Valley, hail in Los Banos, and winds strong enough to topple over a shed with a 400 pound pig inside in Fresno County. (KFSN)

A Fresno County woman knows how strong and dangerous wind gusts can be.

Strong wind during a rain storm came through Val Wallert's house, and the wind was so strong, it tossed a barn, and the pig inside, several feet away.

The 400 pound pig named Peaches had quite a terrifying experience after strong winds lifted the now mangled 12 by 12 shed.

"It got really torrential at one point," Wallert said.

Wallert says the gust threw it some 50-feet into the air before dropping it by a nearby fence.

"It actually reminded me of the 'Wizard of Oz,' you know," she said. "It was like picking up a house, so it scared."

Wallert witnessed it happen.

"When it landed, I didn't know what I was going to find," she said. "I really didn't, and luckily the pig was still alive."

But Peaches was left with some injuries.

"She got the cut on her and one on her back leg but she is you know a good ol' girl," she said.

Wallert says she has been through many storms before, but none have created this type of devastation for the animals she cares for.

"My only thought is that it had to have been a small tornado type thing what can pick something up," she said.

Now she is working to build a temporary home for the hog.

"I kind of made a makeshift thing to at least keep her dry," she said.

And she's doing this while also comforting Peaches, who she believes is still in shock.

"She is real scared right now, even of me," Wallert said.
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