Horse trailer overturns on Highway 99

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A trailer overturned with a horse inside it on Highway 99 near Avenue 9.

It happened just before one o'clock Monday. A semi truck entered Highway 99 near Avenue 9 when the driver realized he was going the wrong way. He made a u-turn, but was hit by a truck driver with a horse trailer. The trailer overturned with a horse inside, but the animal was trapped. "We were not optimistic the first 15 minutes because he was pinned in by his leg," said Nikki Clay, paramedic.

It wasn't just CHP and firefighters at the scene, good Samaritans pulled over to help free the horse.

"They said there was a horse stuck in the trailer, so I grabbed the evac from the Butte Fire, supplies I have in my car, jumped into action and did what I could to get the horse out," said Bobbie Carne, Turlock.

A firefighter was hurt in the rescue after the horse was scared and stepped on his foot. He is going to be okay.

The California Highway Patrol says the horse will also be fine.
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