'This whole town is shut down': Brutal winter storm strands Clovis soccer team in Texas

The team is surviving on candy and frozen food as it waits in a hotel.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When girls soccer team Clovis Crossfire traveled to Texas for a weekend tournament, they never expected it to feel more like hockey with an ice-covered field.

"It started out not bad, just a little bit of sleet. By the end of our game, it probably was 13 degrees, sleet and snow was coming down," says their coach, John Clarke.

As the team played their second match, a powerful storm moved in, bringing with it freezing temperatures.

Benches froze over and ice formed on the girls' hair.

"Everybody's jacket was frozen over with ice on it," says Clarke.

The team won the game, but the cold snap left them stuck in the city of Round Rock.

Clarke says flights were canceled and the town shuttered.

One of the coaches captured this video after a water pipe burst in their hotel.

"This whole town is shut down at this point right now. 99% of this town is shut down. We are talking food, we are talking gas, we are talking everything," says Clarke.

At the moment, a mix of about 20 team members and their families are stranded.

Clarke says it's been a hassle to get basic necessities including water and food.

Fortunately, their hotel has been constantly stocking its snack bar.

"We are snacking on candy and frozen food right now," says team member Samantha Tristan.

Clark says the Girls Academy League, which put on the tournament, is doing what it can to help those left stranded.

In the Central Valley, Coach Erik Farfan says the Crossfire is rallying together to support their teammates.

"We are trying to do our best to help out however we can as a team and club," Farfan says.

Clarke is hopeful they'll be able to fly out as early as Thursday, but with another storm on the way, that could be pushed back even further.

Until then, the team plans to make the most out of their frigid situation.

"We have been in the lobby playing some games and last night we had a snowball fight and that was pretty fun," says Tristan.
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