Sweet Fresno business finds way to give back with its puff corn

Grandma's Old Fashion Butter Bunches is helping others and bringing happiness to customers one puff at a time.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's not popcorn. It's puff corn that's winning over fans in the Valley.

"It's something I do to it that makes you want more. As soon as you finish eating it, it's like 'ooh, I need more,'" said Shirley Nellon, owner of Grandma's Old Fashion Butter Bunches.

Grandma's Old Fashion Butter Bunches sell almost two dozen varieties of puff corn. Nellon's best-sellers are red velvet, cookies and cream and lemon meringue.

They have savory flavors as well.

"I have flaming hot, garlic, parmesan. I have jalapeno garlic. It's so many. I have the buttered red crushed pepper one," Nellon said.

Every bag displays a symbol of a puzzle piece signifying that Butter Bunches employs people of all abilities. They help bag and do other tasks for the business.
Nellon started working with local non-profits back when she had a hot dog stand.

"Just find their skills that they didn't have the opportunity to really see before we had Shirley," said Bebe Perez / Boredom Busters Executive Director.

They're looking forward to providing more work experience opportunities in the future.

For Nellon, her Butter Bunches packets are all handmade in the kitchen.

When you ask for her secret ingredients, she says she sprinkles it in every batch.

"I think, like my customers say, it's a lot of love because when I do it, I make Butter Bunches, as if I was making it for me," Nellon said

They have a vegan option as well.
One bag costs around $8.

During the pandemic, she's sold her product outdoors to keep going and found new partnerships with stores.

So What keeps this small business owner motivated?

"It's actually my faith. That's the strength of me, but being able to give back to somebody, to brighten their day, just that little smile that little puff, you know what I mean, will brighten their day," Nellon said.

Helping others and bringing happiness to customers one puff at a time.

You can find Grandma's Butter Bunches at various farmer's markets like the River Park Market on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

They're also at several stores in the Fresno area and in Oakhurst.

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