4-year-old girl gets CVS-themed birthday party

A cute 4-year-old girl loves one special place so much she absolutely had to have her birthday there.

CVS Pharmacy is where many people go for Pepto-Bismol or paper towels. But Iris wanted her birthday party there because to her it's the greatest place on Earth.

Her mom, Sarah Fortune of Arkansas, explains it all on her blog, though she can't really explain why. But, they did have the party at their local store.

Iris wore her CVS colors and got her own name tag. Party favors for the grown-ups came in prescription bottles, but they were only Tic Tacs.

CVS also got into the spirit and provided free snacks, drinks and party supplies.

To read Fortune's blog, visit http://www.sarahfortune.com/author/sarahfortune.
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