Fresno Unified summer enrollment numbers up, students can still register

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Unified is setting new records for summer school enrollment.

In 2019, Fresno Unified had less than 12,000 students enrolled in summer school. This year, they already have over 17,000 students enrolled and students are still signing up.

For AP Human Geography teacher Lauren Jacquez, it's a relief to have her students back in the classroom.

"I feel like I'm a real teacher again, where as before, when everything was at home and online, I just felt like I was talking to myself most of the time," said Jacquez.

These days, summer session is in full swing.

"When that roster came out, I had about 65 students on it," added Jacquez.

Compared to previous years, Fresno Unified' s summer enrollment has increased by about 5,000 students.

"It's certainly higher than it was before COVID times, " said FUSD Assistant Superintendent of College and Career Readiness Jeremy Ward. "I think a lot of our students and families know we're going to learn more and learn better when we're in person, as opposed to if we're at home."

The district is trying to get as many kids back in the classroom as possible for credit recovery, catch up and a chance to work ahead. To accommodate, they've split students into morning and afternoon groups.

"We want connection with our friends, teachers and what's going on at school," said Ward. "It's not the same at home."

Fresno Unified has even added extra weeks to the summer schedule and expanded the number of courses they're offering.

"I've been teaching 27 years, I just missed feeling like a teacher, and now feeling like a teacher again," added Jacquez.

The district says they still have room for students to enroll and it's not too late to register. Summer school runs through end of July.
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